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CrossFit Group Classes

Group classes are the staple of CrossFit 557 programming. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program for all ages, from beginners to professional athletes. Our program is designed with universal scalability, which makes it a great exercise program for anyone and any age!  

Daily workouts are 60 minutes long and include a combination of running, rowing, biking, plyometrics, mobility, weight training, gymnastics and olympic weightlifting. Each class will include a warm up, mobility, a strength and/or skill, and a metcon (WOD - workout of the day).  

Our certified, professional trainers will guide you through every class from the warm up to the cool down. They will be there to help demo and break down movements, push and encourage when needed, and hold you to the 557 standards.  

At 557 you will find a great community of like-minded people to connect with about your progress and goals and you will find yourself enjoying exercise with our fun and exciting group workouts!

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