Session #1


Coaches Choice


High-Hang Clean (Work to a heavy triple over 8 sets)

set 1 @ 0:00
set 2 @ 1:30
set 3 @ 3:00
set 4 @ 4:30
set 5 @ 6:00
set 6 @ 7:30
set 7 @ 9:00
set 8 @ 10:30

We're starting back over for our new cycle.  The point of the high hang is to minimize distance between the barbell and the hip.  This also makes you work on speed under the bar.  Focus on getting the bar back into the hip pocket before full extension.  Be quick and fast elbows on the catch.  We are NOT dropping between reps.


Metcon (Time)

For Time
14 min cap

Row 1000m
75 Wallballs
Run 400m

Session #2


Toes-To-Bar (Based off Level)

5x12 Strict Knee Tucks

5x12 Strict Leg Raises

5x12 Strict T2B

5x12 Strict T2B (Straight Leg)

*You must be hanging in between reps.  Do not get on a bar where your toes can touch at the bottom so you HAVE to control the descent.


Deadlift (5x5 @ 65%-75%)

Keep it light.  Work on form and your back tight.  NO BELT.  Pull Aggressive off the ground.
Option 1 - if you struggle with the initial pull off the ground then do 5 singles but down drop the bar at the top.  Go slow on the descent and fast on the pull.
Option 2 - if you struggle with staying tight through multiple reps then do touch in go but controls the descent.  Go slow on the descent and fast on the pull.

Bitch Work

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

4x1000m assault bike repeats

rest 2 min between sets