Session #1


Coaches Choice


Back Squat (5 EMOM of 5 reps @ 70% across)

5 min to warm up to 70%.  This is going to go fast.  Get your barbell and weights and get to work.
When Squatting you get 1 breath at the top and then MUST go back down.  The weight is light and the breathing is to prepare you for future weeks


Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)


20 Unbroken WB 20#/14#
30 DU / 90 SU
Repeat 2x
Rest 90 seconds between AMRAP's

After Last AMRAP rest 90 seconds
Max Effort WB 20#/14#

WB 30#/20#
DU 40 Unbroken

Session #2


Strict Pull Ups (Find a 5 RM strict Pull Up)

Pronated Grip Pull Ups

This means if you can do 5 Strict Pull Ups, Add Weight to find a 5RM.  If you can do 5 Strict C2B then stick with that over pull ups.  If you can not do pull ups then do L-Sit Ring Pull Ups.  Add weight to your lap if you can do 5 with you chin over the rings.  If you can not do 5 then do the Lowest angle Ring Row for 5.

Bitch Work

VO2 Max Rowing Test (9 Rounds for time)

3 sets of 3x300m Rows
90 sec rest between reps
3 min rest between sets

Goal is to keep all 300m rows at the same pace.  These should be at a pace you can maintain for all reps but not something easy to maintain.  The first set should be relativley easy, second set should be hard and third set should be mentally hard to keep that pace.