Session #1


Coaches Choice


Push Press (7x5 @ 80% of 1RM)

Spend 5 minutes warming up to your 75%.  At the 5 min mark we'll be doing 1 set every 90 sec.
5:00, 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, 12:30, 14:00.

If you do not have a 1RM Push Press and you have yet to do Push Press with us.  Use each set to work to a heavy set of 5.  This should be heavy but not maximal.


Metcon (Time)


5 Wall Walks
10 Barbell Rows 115#/85#
15 V-Ups
20 OH Lunges 25#/15#

30' HS Walk
Barbell Rows 135#/95#
Weighted V-Ups 15#/10#
OH Lunges 45#/35#

Session #2


Strict Handstand Push Ups (Distance)

This is to be done with hands and head on blue mats or 25# plates and an abmat.

3x4, 3x3 @ 3RM
rest as needed between sets

Bitch Work

Snatch Balance (5x3)

Work to a heavy triple.  If this is a new movement for you, stay light and focus on the technique.

Over Head Lunge (5x8/per leg)

Jerk or Snatch Grip Overhead Walking Lunge

Today we're working on Snatch Accessories so we'll be doing these in a snatch grip.  Every set add weight trying to find the heaviest weight for a full set