Session #1


Coaches Choice


You will have 12 min to find a 5 RM.  This does not have to be a PR but should be heavy for you today. (Push your limits, it's ok to fail)  Once you've reached your 5 RM then strip the barbell down to 90% of todays 5 RM.  At the 12 min mark we will do 5 reps every 2 minutes for 4 sets @ your 90% of todays 5 RM.

Back Squat (1x5)

You have 12 min to work to a 5 RM for the day.  The does not have to be a PR but should be heavy for you for today.

Back Squat (4x5)

After you complete the 5 RM drop to 90% of today 5 RM and every 2 min for 8 minutes complete 5 reps


Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

7 pull ups
7 OHS 115#/85#
7 T2B

Accessory Work

Glute-Ham Raises (3x10 Partner GHR)

Weighted Hip Bridges (3x10)

Session #2


Handstand Push-ups (every 60 secs till failure 2 HSPU (add 1 rep) )

Start at Rx set up and do 2 reps at 0:00
Then every 60 secs add 1 rep so at 1:00 do 3 reps, at 2:00 do 4 reps, etc....

Midline Accessory

3x15 Seated Leg Lifts

Sit on the floor in an L-seated position, hands on the ground at your side, then lift both heels as high as possible while keeping legs straight and maintaining an upright torso.