Session #1


Coaches Choice


If you were not here last week and don't have a 5RM then use 85% for the first 3 sets and then go up to 88% or add weight according to your comfort level.

Back Squat (3x5 @ 90% last weeks 5 RM)

Still going off last week 5RM use 90% to do 3x5

Back Squat (2x5 @ 95% of last weeks 5RM)

2 sets at 95% of last weeks 5RM


Thrusters 95#/65#
Lateral Bar Burpees

16 min Time Cap

Rx+ Bar Facing Burpees

Accessory Work

Weighted Hip Bridges (3x10)

Single Arm DB Rows (3x8 HEAVY)

Session #2


Handstand Push-ups (4x3 + ME)

4x3 strict HSPU
ME kipping HSPU
Scale the strict reps so that this complex can be done unbroken

IF you can do kipping HSPU but not Strict then do 5 pike HSPU immediately get on the wall and do ME Kipping

Midline Accessory

3x10 Back Extensions

These are not GHR but you lay parallel to the ground and bend each vertebrae till you are completely tucked over and then reverse that to come back to parallel.
Ask if you're not sure how this works.