“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” –Robert Collier


Ido’s Squat Routine (No Measure)

1. Knee Push aways 10-30 reps

2. Hold knee out (static)10-30 secs

3. Sky reaches 10-30 reps

4. Sky reach (static) 10-30 secs

5. Buddha prayer 10-30 reps

6. Squat bows 10-30 reps

7. Squat bows (static) 10-30 secs
Coaches Choice!


Back Squat (EMOM 2 Reps (60-80%), Every 90 secs 1 rep (85-95+))

EMOM 5′ 2 Reps (60%-80%)


6:30-85%,8:00-90%,9:30-95%,11:00-95+ 12:30-95+ *Only if you feel good.

*Every 90 secs

Make sure you are staying tight through the whole movement. We will have 10 minutes to warm up to build to your starting set. You can increase during your sets but make sure you are NOT starting to high right out of the gate. Keep the weight near so you have more time to rest. This is about strength and good technique in the later sets.


-Stay tight

-Good posture


50 Burpees for time (Time)

50 Burpees for time

*10 minute cap
Benchmark workout!