1- Superman Pulses (20-25 Reps)
2- Hollow Hold (20-45 Secs)
3- Plank (30-45 Secs)


Push Press (2 Reps Every 90 secs for 9 mins (6 Sets))

0,1;30,3:00,4:30,6:00,7:30 (Moderate to heavy)
Build off of last week.
The barbell will come from the GROUND. You will have to Power Clean the barbell up in to the Front Rack.


We will test "baseline"
*Rest 4-5mins
Repeat 1x

Baseline (Time)

Row 500m
40 squats
30 situps
20 pushups
10 pull ups or ring rows

1st Round
Make sure you put in 2 separate scores. The goal is to be consistent with both scores. all out effort each time. the Push ups will be HR Push ups but make sure you do your best not to worm.

Baseline (Time)

Row 500 m
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push ups
10 Pull ups

2nd Round