Partner Row 2000m (65-70%) 2/ppl

EMOM 12'
1- Superman (30-45 Secs)
2-V-ups sit (10-15 Reps)
3-Plank reaches (20-25 Reps)
4-Hollow hold (20-30 Secs)

Have the row a nice conversational pace row so you can get the blood flowing.


Back Squat (2 Reps,Every 90 secs for 9 mins (6 Sets))

0,1:30,3:00,4:30,6:00,7:30 (Moderate-Heavy)
Go as heavy as you feel comfortable. If you did 12 days of Christmas and you are sore DONT expect a PR. This is relative so go off how your body is feeling.

Skill Development

Master a Skill

Take 5-10 minutes to master one thing that has been holding you back.

Make up a WOD 

Hit a workout that you missed this past week.

Extra Conditioning

Annie (Time)


*Optional #1

Metcon (Time)

Row 1000m
100 DU
Row 1000m

Option #2 *Optional

12 Days of Christmas RX'd (Time)

1. Deadlift (115#/85#)
2. Squat Clean Thruster (115#/85)
3. Box Jump overs (24"/20")
4. Lateral bar burpees
5. Wall Balls (20#/14#)
6. Push Press (115#/85#)
7. Sit ups
8. Kb Swings (53#/35#)
9. T2B
10. HR Push ups
11. OH Walking lunges (45#/25#)
12. Front Squat (115#/85#)

*Make up WOD if you missed yesterday.
Option #3 *Optional