Work on your Mobility
-Banded stretches
-Foam roller
-Lacrosse ball
-Static stretching

Gymnastics Test

Toes-To-Bar (Max T2B)

2 Sets to try Max Effort T2B.
If you need to modify the progression to
-Straight leg raises ME
- Knee tucks ME
*Once you come off the pull up bar your set is over.

Handstand Push-ups (2 Sets to find a Max Effort.)

This is Kipping Handstand Push ups.
If you do not have a HSPU. Do 2 sets of max effort Plate or Box Push ups to help build strength and record it in the comments. If you are doing the plate or box push ups it should be difficult so you should not be able to go over 20-25 Push ups.

*Remember we will have Clean and Jerk tomorrow for our strength so after you warm up your shoulders ONLY do the sets recommended.


1000m Row (Time)

Max Effort 1000m Row

Make up a WOD 

Hit a workout that you missed this past week.

This is your time to make up a Performance Metcon or Strength.