Performance Week! Good luck with all your lifts! Stay focused!
Monday- Back Squat
Tuesday- Hang Snatch
Wednesday- Front Squat
Thursday- Skills Testing/Make up testing
Friday- Clean & Jerk
Saturday- Make up testing/Partner WOD


Ido's Squat Routine

1. Knee Push aways     10-30 reps
2. Hold knee out (static)10-30 secs
3. Sky reaches              10-30 reps
4. Sky reach (static)      10-30 secs
5. Buddha prayer          10-30 reps
6. Squat bows               10-30 reps
7. Squat bows (static)   10-30 secs

Coaches Choice!
Monster Walks....


Back Squat (Building to a Heavy 1 Rep)

Every 90 secs for (5 Sets), Then every 2 mins for (3 sets)

Sets1-3 (70-75%) 2 Reps
Sets 4-5 (80-90%) 1 Rep
Sets 6-8 (90+) 1 Rep

Back Squat x3 Moderate weight
*Heavier than last week with good positions.


Clean and Box Jump (Time)

3 Rounds
10 Cleans (135#/95#)
10 Box Jumps (24"/20")

RX+ (155#/105#)

This is SQUAT cleans. Make sure to warm up with light weight properly first,. This should be a quick burner. The weight should be light so you can go faster and it be a little more intense.