3 Rounds
Row 250m Or Run 200m
10 Squats
10 Push ups
10 Sit ups
20 DU

At your own pace but this is to get a good sweat going so we can stretch and warm muscle.


3 Sets
A. Chinese Plank (30-45 Secs)
B. Strict T2B (4-6 Reps)
C. Ring Support (Max Effort or 30 secs)

A.: chinese plank (3x Facing up 30-45secs)

Stay tight and squeeze the glutes through the whole movement. Control breathing.

B.: Strict Toes-To-Bar (4-6 Reps)

Scale as needed.
Straight leg raises SLOW tempo as high as you can go. At least 3 secs up for the tempo and 3 secs down. NO swinging or kipping. Build strength.

C.: Ring Support Hold (3xME)

Don't not go more than 30 secs in the support hold.
Box hollow support hold for Max Effort.

Skill Development

Working on a Skill 

Working on a skill of your choice for 15 mins
Ex: (double unders, ring dips, T2B,HSPU)

Make up a WOD

Hit a workout that you missed this past week.


Work on your Mobility
-Banded stretches
-Foam roller
-Lacrosse ball
-Static stretching