Coaches choice!


3 Sets
1. Ring Flys (6-8 Reps)
2. Strict chin ups x ME
3. Turkish get up + Waiter Walk 50'

Ring Flys (3x6-8 Reps)

Stay tight through the whole movement.

Strict Pull ups or Chin ups (3 Sets of Strict Chin ups x ME)

L-Sit ring row 3x6-8 reps tempo 3/1/3
Ring Rows 3x6-8 reps tempo 3/1/3

Turkish Get Up (+Waiter walk 50')

Skill Development

Working on a Skill 

Working on a skill of your choice for 15 mins
Ex: (double unders, ring dips, T2B,HSPU)

Pick 1 skill to focus on!

Make up a WOD

Hit a workout that you missed this past week.