In today's world of athletics talent will only get you so far.  If your kid is looking to go from average to All-State or All-State to Collegiate athlete then this is the type of program for them.  All of our coaches are former collegiate level athletes and know what it takes to play at the next level.  Our High School Power program is about using functional movements with sport specific training to build explosive speed and strength that will set you apart on the field or court.  

The program can run in groups or one on one.  Group rates are based on group size:

5 - 7 teens for a 90 minute session

8-12 teens for a 90 minute session

12+ teens for a 90 minute session


One on One rates are based on sessions per week:

(1) 60 minute session/week

(2) 60 minute sessions/week

(3) 60 minute sessions/week

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We are continually running this program and start new athletes based on availability.