For those of you new to Crossfit 557 - every year Crossfit HQ holds an online competition called the Crossfit Games Open.  The Open is the first stage of making it to the CrossFit Games. After 5 weeks of workouts, the fittest athletes in each region advance to Regionals. Then, the top athletes at Regionals go to the CrossFit Games in August. The first year that the Open took place there was roughly 25,000 participants.  However, last year over 324,307 athletes from 175 countries participated in the open. This means less than 1% make it to the games.  

That sounds cool but why should I sign up if I’m not going to the Games? As I previously said, Crossfit HQ uses this to find the fittest athletes in the world but there are many more reasons to do the open.  The open is your one yearly test where you can compete against yourself every year, or just see what you have against a bigger pool of people around your skill level. It can add meaning and purpose to your training. When finished, the Open can be a starting point for your new goals for 2017. So maybe you have only been doing CrossFit for 2 weeks? Even if you are a beginner or scale every WOD, you can participate in the Open! Every Open workout has a scaled option! This is a great opportunity to participate in some new benchmark workouts that we will retest later in the year.


As far as 557 is concerned, the Open is a community building event when everybody can come in on Friday night to do the workouts together and cheer each other on. It also builds a huge amount of camaraderie as you do workouts with everybody in the gym at once.  People from the evening meet people from the morning and vice versa.  Then afterwards sit back, drink an adult beverage and watch Shane crush every workout. I mean, we all love CrossFit and 557 so why not spend your Friday night working out and having fun with the best crew in town?

So how does all this work you ask?  

  1. Just because you want to do the Intramural open doesn’t mean that you have to sign up for the open online.  (Although we encourage you to, that doesn’t mean that you have to.)  If you would like to just go to and sign up.  If not we’ll create a system for signing up in the gym only.

  2. We have choose 4 captains within the gym to lead 4 teams of members through the open. Teams earn points each week by doing the workouts. It’s a fight for the top spot and your name up on the Intramural Open board in the gym. If you are not on a team and would like to be, please contact Tom ASAP!

  3. Points will be awarded based off the workout. Since scaled workouts always have more reps than Rx, everyone will contribute to the team’s score.

  4. Since the open is 5 weeks long and we said this is more about fun and community building we will have a 6th week that will NOT be crossfit.  We will propose ideas and vote but something like, floor hockey, bowling, relay races….etc.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. All regularly-scheduled classes on Fridays during the Open will do the Open workouts. Athletes can attend any class or Friday Night Lights and score points for their Intramural team.

  2. Friday Night Lights will begin between 4:00 and 4:30 PM. If you want to participate on Friday night, be sure to sign up for a heat time on Wodify. We really promote Friday Night Lights to get as many people in the building at once as possible.

  3. Our focus is on FUN and this awesome community. We want as much participation as possibly because it will make you fitter and it will get you high-fives and you’ll be happy and love life more and glisten with sweat and stuff.


With that being said, the Open starts...THIS WEEK! The first workout will be announced Thursday February 23rd and we will have a viewing party at Crossfit 557 @ 7:00 PM. This viewing party will happen every Thursday night at 7:00 PM. Friday night lights will happen every Friday night starting at 4:00 PM

I hope that mixing up the open in this way gives some of you that have been here for a while, a breath of fresh air for the open and those of you who are new, a little excitement for what’s to come next month.