Not all boxes are created equal

There is no denying that CrossFit has changed the world of fitness.  At the start of the CrossFit Boom there was an abundance of ridicule over the weekend seminar leading to poor coaching, poor movement, and the high risk of injury.  Flash forward a few years and now CrossFit HQ offers over 20 seminars to increase the knowledge of CrossFit coaches. 

With more and more people coming into CrossFit, we've noticed the influx of people shopping around so to speak.  However, if you've never done something before, how do you know what to look for besides price?  We recently had a member explain their CrossFit story to us and we felt it was a great explanation to show how not all CrossFit gyms are the same.

Anonymous Couple

Our CrossFit story began 3 years ago.  We're a middle aged couple with a
background inFitness, but had never tried CrossFit. So, when one opened up 3 minutes from our house we thought why not.  We both began our membership and began attending regularly.  I began attending classes 5 times a week while my wife chose to come 3 times a week. 

We really enjoyed the price and the family discount we received.  Soon after starting, we began to make friends at the box and began to love our regular class.  We were encouraged to track our workouts on our own, as the gym didn't keep track.  This made it hard for the coaches to keep track of the members strengths and weaknesses. 

We began to really learn about CrossFit over the next 2 and a half years. I began to learn new movements and progressed to kipping pull ups, stringing some double unders together, doing rope climbs, started to learn chest to bar pull ups, and a little bit of toes to bar.  During this same period of time, my wife had progressed to band-assisted pull ups, single unders,and very light weight barbell movements.

However, during the first year of CrossFit, I had a meniscus tear and ended up going
to the doctor.  During the doctor visit, I was told I would definitely be back to see him if I chose tocontinue to do CrossFit.

After some rest and recovery I decided to compete in my first local competition.  I asked my wife if she'd like to also compete and was told she had no desire.  I was given zero prep from any of the coaches, even though it was my first competition.  I was never given any incentive to compete or sign up for the open, as if I wasn't competent enough or not good enough to compete.

Near the end of 2015, we decided it was time to try out some other boxes in the area. We chose a box that was further away and more expensive.  The hardest part of changing gyms was leaving our friends behind. 

When we started at the new box, we were immediately encouraged to write down our 3 month goals. Over the next couple months, we were retaught a majority of the movements, as we had developed bad habits that were inefficient and were prone to causing injury.  Since we started, we've both started attending class 6 times a week.  Over the first few months of changing, the coaches fixed some of our bad movement patterns and both of our aches, pains and injuries have disappeared.  The new box uses a tracking software that keeps all of our workout and strength history to help us see our progress and makes it easier for us to keep reaching our goals.

I signed up for their specialty classes and began to learn more about barbell movements and gymnastics.  We have short meetings with coaches to discuss our goals and we were given technical corrections and progressions to achieve our goals in a safe way.  This has boosted our love for CrossFit and confidence in ourselves in a way that I can't explain.  

My wife has progressed exponentially to strict and kipping pull ups, handstand push ups, toes to bar, chest to bar, double unders, and has PR'd all her lifts and moved to RX weights in workouts.  We were both encouraged to compete in the CrossFit Open and we both signed up.  We never would have been encouraged to do this at our old box. 

All the coaches and owner promoted participation and made it into a intramural competition between gym members making it fun for everyone at the gym and not just the high level athletes.  I have now qualified for national competitions with the support, encouragement, and coaching from the new box. 

My wife has also decided to compete with the new confidence she has gotten from the success of the new box and encouragement of the coaches.  Neither of these things would have been possible from our old box.  The encouragement and help to achieve our new goals have only become possible because of our new box and its coaches.


Happily married anonymous couple that tried a new sport based on their son enlisting in the military…wanting to workout together and try something new outside our comfort zone. Two entirely different experiences. Couldn’t be more happy with our decision to join our new box. The community is awesomeand every coach is knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, sincere, fun, and most of all - now family. Couldn't be more proud of my wife for all she has accomplished.. and I have you all

to thank.


PS - I've never seen that doctor again and don't plan on it. :)


We've talked amongst our coaches for a few months to try and describe how CrossFit gyms are different.  Then a few weeks later, we received this from one of our members.  It perfectly explains how just because two boxes have "CrossFit" in their name that the experience for the members can be night and day.  We want you to understand that whether you pick us for your fitness journey or a different gym that these things should happen.  You should

- be tracking your workouts and progress
- be motivated daily by coaches
- setting goals for yourself
- not have "aches and pains".  Soreness is fine, but pain is different
- understand why we're telling you to move a particular way
- excited to see your gym family on a daily basis
- be pushed outside your comfort zone
- constantly be learning

These are the things we promote on a daily basis at CrossFit 557 and would love to show you how a gym can be more than a gym.  How it can be your mental escape for the day and help you reach long term goals.  All you have to do is start.

"Don't put off until tomorrow, what you can do today."  Click here to get started and we'll show you how to accomplish your goals.