Ok boys and girls, LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!  Week 1 is finally here and as promised here are some details to go along with how this will work.

1)  Friday classes will be cancelled after the 1pm.  
2) If you can NOT make it Friday night you are more than welcome to come to one of the regular classes to do it.  There will be a general warm up that will prep you for the workout and then we will do it as a group, just like a normal class.
3)  After the workout is announced on Thursday night we will figure out how long it will take to run heats through and then divide up the evening into heats.  
4)  When you come in, there will be heat times on the large white board.  Walk over and sign up for one.  Since only people going to regionals need an official judge don't worry about the course as you are more of a rep counter/encourager/cheerleader so your friend/box mate can focus on pushing 100%.
5)  If you MUST get in and out on Friday night we'll make sure that you have a spot in order to leave on time.  Just let one of us know and we'll be sure to get you in a heat so you can do the workout Friday night with everyone.  
6)  After you have gone please help count reps for other people.
7)  We'll let everybody know which heats Shane and a few competitors will be going in so that everybody can watch and cheer them on!
8)  Feel free to bring adult beverages to enjoy the show
9)  You still have till next Monday to officially sign up for the open if you would like to do that, however, that is not necessary.  Just make sure you select the correct Affiliate and team.
Affiliate - Crossfit 557
Team - Crossfit 557
Below is a picture and link to the current teams and rosters.  If anybody is not already on a team and would like to join in, please let Shane or I know and I'll take care of it.  

Online Version Here