For those of you new to Crossfit 557 every year Crossfit HQ holds and online competition called the Crossfit Games Open.  Their goal is to find the fittest athletes in the world to advance to Regionals, where they thin the herd and the winners advance to the Crossfit Games.  The first year that this event took place there was roughly 25,000 participants.  However, last year over 272,000 people signed up for the open.  This means less than 1% make it to the games.  


Now you’re thinking ok?  So why would I do the open I have no chance at making it anywhere.  As I previously said, Crossfit HQ uses this to find the fittest athletes in the world but there are many more reason to do the open.  The open is you’re one yearly test where you can compete against yourself every year, or just see what you have against a bigger pool of people around your skill level.  It’s a community building event when everybody can come in on Friday night to do the workouts together and cheer each other on.  Lastly it builds a huge amount of camaraderie as you do workouts with everybody in the gym at once.  People from the afternoon meet people in the morning and vice versa.  Then afterwards sit back, drink an adult beverage and watch Shane crush every workout.  


So how does all this work you ask?  


  1. Just because you want to do the Intramural open doesn’t mean that you have to sign up for the open online.  (Although we encourage you to, that doesn’t mean that you have to.)  If you would like to just go to and sign up.  If not we’ll create a system for signing up in the gym only.
  2. We’ll choose 4 captains to run each team.  These will NOT be our top competitors but the people that always tend to be having a good time, even during burpees.
  3. Each captain will choose a team name and have it’s own Facebook page to communicate with their team as we don’t all workout at the same time.
  4. The serious competitors will be divided as evenly as possibly between teams to make it as even as possible.
  5. From here on out is when it gets interesting.  All other members are open for recruitment.  Captains can bribe, coerce or otherwise attempt to sign up any member for their team. Captains will report to us who has agreed to their team and whether they will be signing up online or in house only.  Remember this is to be a fun, collaborative competition.  
  6. Because a competition like this will benefit larger teams we’ll set caps to a certain number of athletes per team.  Once the cap is reached by each team we will then raise the cap in order to keep the teams as evenly balanced as possible.
  7. During the open you are encourage to celebrate your team spirit however you see fit with t-shirts, noise makers, etc.  
  8. Points will be awarded based off the workout and since scaled workouts always have more reps than Rx, everyone will contribute to the teams score.
  9. Since the open is 5 weeks long and we said this is more about fun and community building we will have a 6th week that will NOT be crossfit.  We will propose ideas and vote but something like, floor hockey, bowling, relay races….etc.


As the open draws closer we will pick captain by the end of this month to start recruiting members.  That will give each captain a few weeks to fill their teams.  The first workout will be announced Thursday February 25th, and we will have a viewing party at Crossfit 557 @ 7pm.  

I hope that mixing up the open in this way gives some of you that have been here for a while, a breath of fresh air for the open and those of you who are new, a little excitement for whats to come next month.