Millions of people partake in some type of fitness activity daily.  And of these millions of people, are a million different reasons why they are trying to get fit.  Everyone has a reason: health, looks, an event, to compete, etc.  Sometimes people workout because it is what they truly enjoy.  This is especially important for us here at 557 as we have just recently wrapped up the end of our performance week. With the transition and start to our brand new cycle, we want all of our athletes to strive to be the best version of you. We need to look at what’s important in how we get to that next step.  How do we reach our goals?  Where do we start?

    First, we have to establish the reason(s), or more so the foundation, for why we are putting our bodies through this daily, intense physical activity. Why did I sign up to join this gym? Why do I keep coming back for more? What is my ultimate goal? Everyone should have a strong foundation or reason for their fitness journey; it is the driving force behind our success in the gym.

    After we have established the “Why?” we can move on to the next step which starts with you stepping outside of your comfort zone.  Many times, I have told clients and athletes, if you want to improve or better yourself, you have to pop that protective bubble you’re in.  This can be hard, especially for anyone new to fitness or CrossFit.  Beginners can often timid and worried about what the rest of the group will think that they will mess up.  Here's a secret, no one should be focusing on your personal endeavors in fitness besides you; we care that you show up and give your absolute best effort. Don’t just walk into the gym and go through the motions, lift the same old weight, and push yourself just enough to sweat. If you want results, you want a new PR, you’re going to have to step outside of your comfort zone and push yourself further than you have before.  We, as coaches, are here to help you do just that.  We see the potential inside all of you and know you are fully capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.  Every great athlete has someone there to help push them, guide them, and help them through those difficult times.  But first you have to eliminate self-doubt and fear and trust the process.
    Webster's Dictionary describes fear as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat."  Fear is the biggest reason many of us never take that next step outside of our comfort zone.  Let the fear of perfection during your performance behind you.  No one is perfect!  When we are all working out, the person to the left or right of you should not be focusing on your technique or if you can't do double unders. That is between the athlete and coach. We care that you showed up, walked in the door, and are ready to take on the challenges before you.  Let the fear of perfection go!  We all are striving to be the best possible version of ourselves.

    As we work towards bettering ourselves and stepping out of our comfort zones, many of us do not even realize that we are inspiring others around us.  As crazy as this sounds, it's true.  Many of our fellow members look to other people to help motivate them when they are tired, sore, or down.  On some days you are that person that motivates the group, like when you complete your first pull-up, hit a new PR, or string some double unders together.  You are inspiring all of the people around you: your friends, your family, your coworkers, and your fellow CrossFit buddy.  Taking that first step outside of your comfort zone and believing in yourself ultimately leads to inspiring others.  So again, don’t confine yourself to what’s most comfortable.

    How many of you have done something that at first you thought was crazy, like a marathon, jumped out of a plane, took a new job, or your first CrossFit competition? I’m sure many of us can say we have. I think we all have been here and done something to shock ourselves. After it was all said and done, you amazed yourself and did it.  This is our next step in our journey to a better you, having no regrets.  We never want to look back and say, “What if I just pushed myself a little harder during that workout or put more weight on the bar?”  Show up every day to leave it all there; don’t wonder what you could have done more of. Be proud of what you just showed up and conquered.  This will lead you to defining who you are and creating a pathway of endless possibilities.

    When we leave the past behind and step out of our comfort zone, a new feeling of euphoria and self-respect can come over us.  Pushing past those walls you have built will lead you on a CrossFit journey and life journey of fulfillment.  Stepping out of our comfort zones does not just apply to workouts; it applies to all avenues of life.  There are many opportunities and different paths we can take in life, but if we never take that first step, we truly never know. Never leave a workout or go through life with the thought of "What if?", never have regrets, let go of your fear and start working your way to that new you.  We, as your coaches, are here to do just that; we are here to help you in your journey to a better you.  Fitness is a mountain in which you should never reach the top; you just keep climbing to the next ledge of accomplishments.  


If You Always Put Limits On Everything You Do, Physical or Anything Else, It Will Spread Into Your Work and Into Your Life. There Are No Limits. There Are Only Plateaus, and You Must Not Stay There, You Must Go Beyond Them. - Bruce Lee