At the beginning of the year, coach Alan and member Kelsey Albers will be running a 60 day eating clean challenge.  This will be an opportunity to work on your nutrition with the help of knowledgeable coaches in a close knit group to reach your personal goals, and kick off 2016 in the right direction.  

How it works:
  Official start and kick off meeting will be Saturday January 9th, at CrossFit 557.  The workshop will run from 1-4 in order to cover all the information for the 60-day challenge.  Kelsey and Alan will be going over all the details and questions that you may have about the challenge but it will be tailored to 3 different categories;

I. Fat Loss
II. Mass Gains
III. Health/Maintenance

There will be 2 other workshops throughout the challenge, one at the midway point, February 6th that will be used as a check-in, go over some information and make sure your first month has went according to plan.  Then the final workshop/wrap up celebration will be held on March 5th and will include a healthy potluck with prizes to celebrate all the hard work you've put in over the course of the challenge.  

Once you sign up you will get access to the private Facebook page that will help keep you accountable, run weekly challenges, allow you to share recipes and keep yourself, and friends motivated throughout the 2 months.

At the kickoff workshop everyone will receive a manual with handouts and information for every topic that will be covered during the workshops.  This will also include your macro strategy and enough space to add in your own meal planning/prep for your specific goals to help you through the 2 months.

So I know what you're thinking, "what's all this going to cost me?"  Well everything above will be included for $50 for the entire challenge.  This will be put in to Wodify so that you'll be able to sign up and pay through Wodify to make everything as painless as possible for everyone.  We're going to cap the challenge at 30 members in order to give enough time to each person participating.   This gives you a full 2-weeks before the start of the challenge to get any questions you might have answered.  Please contact Coach Alan with any questions you may have.