Dear CrossFit 557 member,

    You may be 1 of 100+ faces we see. You may be only one person, one score, one spot on the rig, and one barbell. However, you are so, so, so much more. You are a piece of this puzzle that makes everything fit, everything fall exactly where it should. You make each class its own with your personality, your jokes (or lack thereof), your hard work, and your determination. You make your coaches feel an abundance of pride when you finally reach something you have been working so hard to obtain. You are this gym, this community, and without you, our box wouldn’t be the same. So, thank you for being such an integral part of this community. We notice you. We care about you. This community is part of you.

                        More than words could express, we thank you.



Oftentimes people give credit, much deserved credit, to a box’s coaches and staff. There should always be thanks to the staff that works tirelessly to run a gym. However, what many people forget to do is give large part of thanks to their community for helping the gym become so successful.  Yes, we thank you for making up such a great community, but we don’t thank you, as members, often enough for helping our communities grow, for literally helping to design and create them. You sport our gear and check-in daily; you show up early and stay even later. You share our posts, you promote our gym and all its events or fundraisers, you bring in friends and family every chance you get, and you refer so many people to give CrossFit a try. You volunteer to be a part of and help out with whatever the box may need. It’s changed your life and you want to share that joy and experience with others. You are the body of our communities. You can influence the attitude, the atmosphere, the positivity, and the progress.  Every day that you show up, every time you give a WOD all that you have, and every type of feedback that you give, constantly helps the box progress and its coaches adapt. From every box to you, be proud of the establishment you have helped to build, to mold into the place you are so fond of, and for being so absolutely, unbelievably great.


We appreciate you and all that you have done and continue to do.


 A letter of much-needed appreciation,
Your Coaches